MSpy Cell Remote Spy Software Features

GPS Tracking of a Mobile PhoneMspy allows you to have a number of great features that provide you information on the targeted cell phone that you want to monitor. As I have mentioned before though will do so again here…do check out my Thoughts on Mspy login here to understand what you should know before you buy it.
So, let’s move on now and see what this cell spy software offers:

  • Spy on Smart Phone Calls – view call logs, recordings, and set restrictions on incoming calls


  • Look over Text Messages – see sent and received text messages


  • Check Emails – Use this cell tracking software to learn about incoming/outgoing emails that might be of concern


  • GPS Tracking – See where your cell phone is being used through a map that shows you where the device currently is. You can possibly use this to see where the device is being used or to find out where a lost or stolen phone might be.


  • View Web Surfing – See a history of the websites that were visited by URL, see browser bookmarks, and with Mspy you can even block websites.


  • Look at the Calendar and Address Book – see the monitored mobile phones activities that have been setup and who the contacts are. You can find a lot of potential information here including names, phone numbers, etc….


  • Instant Messaging Logs – see what is being said on Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, and Viber


  • Record What is Around the Phone – this is also termed bugging where you can be turned on and you can then hear what is being said or get an idea of what might be going on around the cell phone.


  • Control Program Applications – see what applications are installed and even have the chance to block an application from being used.


  • Multimedia Files – Find out what photos and videos are being seen and when they were last used. Take a look at images or videos through your Mspy login account that saves a duplicate to it.


  • Ability to Have Remote Control – some of what you can do here is being able to allow apps through the mspy login control panel, stopping the cell phone from being used by locking it, or even wiping the phone of any data.


  • Reporting – Lastly, you can see comprehensive reporting to show activity, time period, etc…and be able to export the report for later use.

Learn more about the features and even try the Mspy login demo.


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